LB Performance Paving Products

LB Performance Paving Products is a subsidiary under the VT LeeBoy roof. We have assembled a team of individuals with a collective 100+ years of experience in the industry, 40 of which have been with the Blaw-Knox™ brand and thus we have been witness to its evolution. Our objective is to address not only the machinery but the customer as well. These professionals, with disciplines including equipment operation, service, product development, engineering, marketing, and much more, all possess the passion, experience, and expertise necessary to deliver what the customer wants with an enthusiasm that is not often-enough apparent.
All of this has been done to revitalize the Blaw-Knox product and create a reputation as an industry-niche leader. The intentions of this LB Performance team is to rethink and emphasize the manufacturer-dealer-customer relationship. This vision will be fueled by listening to those who can provide the most quality feedback, the people that sell and operate the machinery after it leaves our factory floor. Through this approach, coupled with a refreshing outlook on the future, we’ll provide what most interests our paving contractor customers; simple, affordable, functional, and reliable equipment…all Built with the Paving Professional in Mind.

Blaw-Knox™…Built with the Paving Professional in Mind.™ 

• Road Wideners
• Asphalt Pavers
• Brooms
• Pneumatic Rollers
• Motor Graders

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